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Frequently Asked Questions


What is involved in the energy audit?

Our team will conduct a detailed survey of the building(s). Once completed, we will send you a report that includes your project cost, annual energy savings, ROI, environmental impact, and what rebates are available to help offset the project cost.


Can we provide our own material?

Yes. We can either provide this for you or you can provide it.


Is there a size limit on a project?

No, we can handle any size project. It doesn’t matter how small or large.


What is your service footprint?

We service all of North America, including Canada.


Do you handle emergency service calls?

Yes, we have a 12-person service center and are here to help 24/7.

Additional Sustainability Questions 

Sustainability is a bedrock of our work at Jones Lighting Services. We are committed to improving our customers’ energy-efficiency through LED lighting solutions that reduce costs and reduce energy usage. That commitment carries through in our business. Visit our Sustainability page to learn more about our internal programs and efforts.